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Watch Rob Lowe Get Really Ugly And Super Creepy

The actor’s looks become a metaphor for the differences between cable and DirecTV.

Watch Rob Lowe Get Really Ugly And Super Creepy

Whether you know him as Youngblood, Sam Seaborn, Dean Hicks, Sodapop Curtis, or any other role he’s played, the one thing we can all agree on is that you’ve known Rob Lowe as one handsome actor man. But DirecTV and agency Grey New York have decided to use the seasoned and seemingly ageless actor as a metaphor in comparing its services to that of regular old cable.

And so, in ads directed by Tom Kuntz, we see what Mr. Lowe would look like as a balding friendless loner with live muskrats for eyebrows and questionable dental hygiene. We also meet a version of Mr. Lowe that gets his nightly entertainment by lurking at open swim sessions down at the rec center.

He’s always had a good sense of humor about his looks–see Wayne’s World and Parks & Rec–but between this and his upcoming cameo in The Interview, maybe we’re all in for Lowe to pull a Charlize Theron/Monster move sometime soon.

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