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And Now “Game of Thrones” Has Inspired a Metal Ballet

A Lannister always pirouettes.

And Now “Game of Thrones” Has Inspired a Metal Ballet

There are as many reasons to love Game of Thrones are there are ways to honor the show. People have shown their appreciation for its depiction of violent power struggles in a fantastical setting with everything from state flags to death art. Yet, somehow a metal ballet tribute feels like a grand jeté over the Wall and into the unknown.

The Brutal Ballet is a dance company that goes hard. They are as close as the ballet world gets to Mastodon, and their latest creation is an homage to the dragoneering and swordsmanship of Game of Thrones. Lead Brutalist Bridie Mayfield recently lead the troupe in a performance at the TitanCon sci-fi/fantasy fest in Belfast, reportedly attended by cast members from the show. As viewers know, this is kind of a departure from the typical dancing on Game of Thrones, which often takes place on the graves of one’s enemies.

Have a look at the ballet in the video below.

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