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This Music Video Tells a Love Story Across 14 Different Apple Screens

A multi-screen love story plays out across Apple’s product range.

The indie-electro pop band Brunettes Shoot Blondes have released an ingenious music video for their new single, Knock Knock. The story is an animation that follows two unlikely lovers, one of whom is doggedly trying to win back the other. It’s unique, because the narrative unfolds across 14 different screens. In a tremendous feat of synchronicity, reminiscent of OK Go, the characters walk, climb, skip and stumble across multiple iPhones, iPads, and computers. Especially smart, is the moment when a heap of apps on the iPad home screen becomes a road block between the lovelorn gent and his lady. (Notice Facebook at the top of the pile.)

Our heart-sick protagonist may use these apps to reach his girl (at one point, he uses them like monkey bars), but the message is clear: technology is only keeping them apart; he must see her face-to-face. Or, maybe, there’s no implicit criticism here. Maybe this is just a charming video with a fresh creative bent.

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