7 Benefits Of Hiring New Talent Over Experienced Pros

Inexperience doesn’t have to spell disaster. If you’re looking for a fresh perspective, hiring a seasoned pro might not be worth the payoff.

7 Benefits Of Hiring New Talent Over Experienced Pros
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More than 1.6 million students will graduate college with a bachelor’s degree by the end of this year reports the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).


That’s a lot of new and ambitious talent to choose from, and great news for employers.

While hiring recent grads comes with pitfalls like lengthier onboarding and some additional handholding, the benefits are aplenty, and recent graduates should be strongly considered as a new and fresh batch of future leaders.

It’s time to bring on new pros in your company, and here are some reasons why:

1. Office Politics

Inevitable and annoying, office politics are not fun to deal with. Newer professionals haven’t been in the workforce long enough to know this even exists. They aren’t tainted by true or false rumors, they are not a part of any one group within the office, and they offer a non-judgmental perspective of everyone on the team.

2. Cultivate The Right Type Of Employee

Getting the chance to mold a new professional rather than training them to adjust or completely discard pre-conceived habits and notions is powerful.


Similar to hiring within, employers are able to continue to foster their own culture and develop their employees the way that works well for them. Hiring someone outside the organization can greatly undermine those efforts, but new professionals can easily meld to the culture and quickly build the skills the company needs.

3. Innovate By Taking Risks

New pros are hungry to innovate and aren’t afraid to take a risk. With less prior experience and likely no mortgage or children to take care of, new professionals have a lot less on the line. They are sponges ready to soak up knowledge and are much more apt to go for things that more experienced pros would hesitate with. This can bring a lot of value and reward to companies.

4. Engage Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

The more than 39 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn are the professional network’s fastest-growing demographic. You’d better believe that’s no accident. New pros are the leaders of tomorrow but cost a lot less to recruit than those with experience. Smart companies know they need to engage with them early on in order to secure their position within the company as they grow and advance in their careers.

5. Natural Aptitude For Technology

According to a white paper by comScore, more than four out of every five Millennials own a smartphone, compared to just two out of three 35- to 54-year-olds. This generation has always been eager to adopt the newest gadget and technologies, which makes them extremely valuable team members for employers.

They are also personally involved with and motivated by the most recent trends within technology. Their way of life caters to the evolving consumer, and they can pick up new technology in a matter of minutes. These natural abilities are priceless for employers in today’s quickly evolving world.


6. Recent Math Classes Cater To Data Crunching

Recent graduates retain fresh knowledge from college-level math courses and therefore have an easier time utilizing it for business needs.

As data becomes a necessity to drive high-level decisions within companies, this skill is crucial. While new pros may not come in with the exact skills needed for data crunching–unless you’re hiring mathematicians–they are still much more likely to pick up on what’s needed quicker than someone who has been out of the education game for a while.

7. Take Them For A Test Drive

The temporary intern work arrangement gives employers the chance to make sure these new hires fit within the company. This is generally one of the hardest things to determine during the interview process and can only be realized after they begin working with fellow employees.

For employers running a good internship program, the cost of ramping up should be minimal, and interns should never have the expectation of a full-time job after the program ends. In the end, both parties walk away without much money or time lost if it doesn’t work out.

It’s time to start engaging with and recruiting these new grads. While there are always positions in which a new professional simply won’t work, there are many situations that are perfect for this type of talent. Don’t miss out on engaging tomorrow’s leaders today.


Amit Chauhan is the CEO and cofounder of Recroup, an entry-level hiring platform that allows employers to find the right talent by getting to know the person behind the resume. Connect with Amit and the Recroup team on Twitter and LinkedIn.