FastCo Studios Launches With 4 New Video Series

Point your browsers toward: Power Couples, The 29th Floor, Creative Director For A Day, and Brand Evolution.


Here at Fast Company we not only cover innovation, we strive to be innovative ourselves.


Cue: FastCo Studios, a newly formed division focused on creating fresh and compelling video and television productions. Today, FastCo Studios is happy to unveil four new series, which from this day forth (that is to say, as long as you keep liking them) will run throughout the week.

Power Couples
Running on Mondays, Power Couples explores the dynamics of powerful spouses, siblings, and business partners to discover how high-octane pairs balance the personal with the professional. Hosted by Fuck Cancer CEO (and one half of a power couple herself with husband, Scooter Braun) Yael Cohen Braun, the first episode visits Warby Parker CEO Neil Blumenthal and Cricket Circle founder Rachel Blumenthal, a married couple leading two businesses out of the same office.

The 29th Floor
Every Tuesday and Thursday, this show gives the Fast Company editorial staff the, well, floor as they examine the one thing you need to know that day about the ever-changing worlds of technology and business.

Creative Director For A Day
This show, debuting on Tuesday, follows senior writer Mark Wilson as he discovers what it’s like to create products for the biggest companies in the world.

Brand Evolution
Part nostalgia trip down memory lane, part master class in advertising, every Thursday this series traces the evolution of some of our most beloved brands–from launch to latest breakthrough.


But wait, there’s more!

These new programs join two that are already live:

Work Smart
On Wednesdays, this series delivers helpful and often surprising advice on how to be your most productive, successful, and, yes, happy self.

Innovation Agents
Everyone loves to talk about innovation–but how do the most innovative people and companies really do it? Find out every Monday.

Whew! Okay, for a video department that was a lot of words! Enough of that–let’s get back to what we do best. Check out the teaser above to see what we’re talking about.