A Visual Guide To Designer Dog Breeds

What the heck is a Sharp Eagle, and where can I get one?


Mixed breed dogs are all the rage. Not the big-hearted, adopted-my-mutt-from-a-shelter kind, naturally, but the purposefully bred hybrids that purport to combine all the best qualities of Labradors and Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles–basically anything that can possibly procreate with a Poodle.


Time magazine dove down the rabbit hole to unwind the sometimes bewildering pedigree of designer doggie hybrids like the Sharmation (a Shar-Pei/Dalmation mix), the Chorkie (part Yorkshire Terrier, part Chihuahua), and the Bowzer (a Basset/Miniature Schnauzer mix that should not be confused with the similiar-sounding Super Mario Bros. character). Odd as some of these breed mixes may sound, there is a somewhat noble goal behind their proliferation–purebred dogs are notoriously unhealthy, and a mix such as a Puggle will hopefully inherit the beagle’s nose rather than the Pug’s breathing problems.

See the whole infographic here.Heather Jones/Time

The graphic is organized along a color wheel that divides the purebred dogs into breed categories: sporting, herding, nonsporting, terrier, hound, and toy. From there, a tangled web of colored family trees connect hybrid dogs to their purebred progenitors.

The one thing this infographic makes perfectly clear: whoever came up with the names of these hybrids had a killer sense of humor. The Chiweenie? The Chug? The Borkie? I want to buy all these pups, if only so I can explain watch people’s faces as I try to explain what kind of dog I own.

Learn more about the origins and popularity of designer dog breeds at Time.


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