Sitting In Silence, Taking Breaks, And Speaking Up: This Week’s Most Popular Leadership Stories

This week, we took a second (or 1,200 seconds) to reflect, watched our tone, and reined in the power of the media for social good.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of September 15.

The Exact Amount Of Time You Should Work Every Day

We’re not saying this is a magic formula of time-allocated productivity via timers and breaks–but it’s pretty close. What will you do on your 17-minute breaks? Hopefully something brain-rejuvenating.

6 Simple Ways To Improve The Way You Speak

Voices that are too loud, too close, grating and attention-seeking or frustratingly muffled–none of these make the speaker’s presence welcome. Command a conference room or a one-on-one conversation with these tips on tone.

The Job Skills Gap You Haven’t Considered

Ninety percent of jobs require social media skills, but more than half of the workforce is lacking. Hiring Millennials raised on Facebook can’t solve all of your problems. Here’s how to tap into your current employees’ social potential, without any major marketing meltdowns.

How 20 Minutes Of Meditation A Day Helped Me Deal With My Anxiety

Slowing down to take a breath is the hardest, yet most essential, self-care task we can do. Can you imagine sitting still, silent, and not checking your email for more than three minutes? How about 20? We gave it a try last week, and the results were shockingly positive (except for some broken glass).

The Entrepreneur On A Mission To Change Women’s Media

“This women’s empowerment movement is unlike any other,” says Claudia Chan, founder of S.H.E. Global Media. “The trend needs to be here to stay.” And it’s not just about women anymore.