This Heartbreaking Spot Turns Back The Clock On Horrors In A Syrian Schoolyard

When the United Nations General Assembly meets, it will have just a few pressing matters to attend to. Ukraine, ebola in West Africa, ISIS, Boko Haram in Nigeria–take your pick. Oh, and don’t forget about Syria.

It might be easy to let conflict fatigue set in, but more than 200,000 civilians have been killed since the country’s internal unrest began in 2011. It’s something the collection of more than 130 NGOs under the banner of With Syria aims to draw both our and the UN’s attention to with this new PSA directed by Martin Sterling.

It’s a dramatic, slow-motion shot of a bomb blasting civilians, but in reverse. As a storytelling device, it may remind ad nerds and gamers of Dead Island’s 2011 trailer. Here though, instead of bringing emotion to a video game, we see civilian casualty numbers as much more than just statistics in the news, but real people being targeted in every day places like the market and at school. Sad, stunning, and hopefully effective enough to bring more attention to the issue.

With Syria is asking people to sign a petition to encourage the UN Security Council to act now, six months after it condemned attacks on civilians.JB