Jaywalking Is Unsafe, So This Interactive Campaign Offers Dance Breaks Instead

When the band Men Without Hats named their lone hit, “The Safety Dance,” it’s unlikely they had this in mind.

Up until today, the most clever hack I’d seen on a walking sign was some carefully placed electric tape covering enough fingers of the blinking red “Don’t Walk” hand to make it flick off all passersby. Someone has now come up with a considerably higher-tech application, however, and in the name of safety too. It’s a dancing, pixelated Don’t Walk man–and he wants you to get down instead of go across.

Adorably tiny car manufacturer Smart, which has been known for marketing efforts that live up to the brand’s name, recently launched a safety campaign called WhatAreYouFOR that discourages jaywalking in favor of jay-dancing. The rollout involves building a little dancing booth that looks like an enormous concert amp you can walk into to record users moves for motion-capture broadcast on the flashing Don’t Walk silhouette.

Early reports claim the installation has brought about 81% more people stopping at the light instead of jaywalking, and 100% more doing the Shmoney Dance than before. Watch a video for the campaign below.