Fans Of “How I Met Your Mother” Can Now Get All Kinds Of Props From The Show–For Free

20th Century Fox is even giving away the bar from MacLaren’s Bar complete with bar stools.

Television props not claimed–or, in some cases, stolen–by cast and crew as mementos can wind up on the auction block. To wit: Many valuable items from Seinfeld were sold at auction when the show went off the air in 1998 (Jerry Seinfeld generously donated the famous puffy shirt to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in 2004) and in the years since, props from series ranging from The Sopranos to Lost have gone to the highest bidder as TV fans clamor to own a piece of television history.


But 20th Century Fox is actually giving props from all nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother, which ended its run on CBS last March, to fans of the show over the course of the next five weeks, and it’s not just worthless bric-a-brac. In fact, one fan will win the actual bar from MacLaren’s Bar, including the bar stools.

Also up for grabs: The Robin Sparkles pink boom box, Ted’s hot dog costume, the Goliath National Bank hard hat, and the parking meter Barney’s dad Jerry didn’t really rip out of a New York City sidewalk.

Fans can see–and enter to win–souvenirs from the show at How I Met Your Mother’s Prop-Erty Vault Tumblr, and while the giveaway is certainly a generous way to thank them for watching the show, it is also a means of promoting the release of the How I Met Your Mother–The Whole Story DVD collection, which goes on sale September 23. If enough people buy the set, this prop-tastic giveaway will be a win for everyone involved.

It’ll be interesting to see which of the items end up on eBay–while some of the diehard fans who win objects from the show will forever treasure the items, the less sentimental will surely turn right around and auction off their take to the highest bidder.

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