Step 1: Order This From A Secret Menu. Step 2: Drink The Coffee. Step 3: Eat The Edible Waffle Cup

First, there was the cronut. Then, there was the milk and cookie shot. Now, behold, the latest breakfast treat, which might just rule them all: the edible coffee cup! (No, not those kind of edibles!)

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen in Los Angeles is selling the Alfred Cone: a waffle cone with a chocolate-dipped rim filled with warm, delicious espresso or macchiato.

Coffee shop owner Josh Zad found the cones at Zia Valentina, a granita bar in L.A.’s Farmers Market, made by Naomi Kashi and her sister Dorit Simone. That’s when he came up with the idea of adding the waffle cone coffee cup to the restaurant’s secret menu–special items that are not listed on the regular menu and are available only by request.

Currently, Alfred Coffee & Kitchen sells around 60 or 70 Alfred Cones per day at $8 apiece ($5 for the cone, $3 for the coffee), but with more publicity, this edible coffee cup could very well go viral like its cross-bred predecessors.

“We recommend getting the macchiato in there because when the espresso melts the chocolate, it makes a baby mocha,” store manager Ashlee Lawson told the Los Angeles Times.

To which we add: Yum!PW