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Former Ass-vertiser GoDaddy Gets Absurd In New Ad Campaign

GoDaddy takes the small business testimonial and adds some uncomfortable hip thrusts.

Former Ass-vertiser GoDaddy Gets Absurd In New Ad Campaign

Politicians are always telling us how important small businesses are to the backbone of our economy. That may be true, but people also like small business because it’s more relatable and personal than a giant, faceless, global corporation. When you buy from a small business, you can trace that purchase to the support of an actual person or group of people.

GoDaddy’s newest ad campaign takes the idea of the personal and relatable small business to its silliest extreme. It’s the first batch of work from the brand’s new agency, Barton F. Graf 9000. The hilariously odd hidden under a camouflage of normalcy is a hallmark of Gerry Graf’s agency and, while feeling familiar, it works here, particularly as GoDaddy continues to distance itself from its rather unsexy marketing past.

Sure, former GoDaddy spokesperson Jean-Claude Van Damme was entertaining as always, but the quirky new everyfolk may hit a truer note for the legions of small business owners who need the web services the brand is offering. Stick it!

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