• 09.15.14

Football-Meets-MMA-Meets-Gladiator In This New Canon Ad Directed By Jonathan Glazer

Director Jonathan Glazer goes to Florence to shoot a historic sport with a new camera.

The sport of calcio storico (“historic football”) or Calcio Fiorentino is said to have originated in the 16th century, but a modern revival dates back to 1930. There is one tournament a year, in which four teams–from the four quarters of Florence–compete each June for the title.


There are two nets, and each team has 27 players with no subs. The object of the game is to get the ball into your opponents net by (almost) any means necessary. Punching, head-butting, choking, and elbowing are all allowed. It looks like football and MMA decided to get together and play a scrimmage at medieval times.

Director Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast, Under the Skin) takes us onto the field of this bloodsport for Canon’s newest campaign from agency JWT London called “Come and See.” Running, tackling, slow-mo punches to the face–it’s all here in gladiator MC Hammer pants. The spot was shot with the Canon EOS C500 and EOS C300 cameras. Another Glazer-directed ad is to come and the brand is also launching a website to featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the ads, as well as a how-to video series created by travel photographer Christopher Pillitz and wildlife photographer Jamie Hall.

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