4 Steps To Getting What You Want

Sometimes you can get what you want. Set some goals and go get it.

4 Steps To Getting What You Want
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Is there something you want so badly that it hurts? Is there a secret goal that you have? Do you wish there was a way to get what you want?


If you answered “yes,” then remember these four tips to make your dreams a reality.

1. You Are Drawn To That Thing That You Look At The Most

If you dig down deep into your innermost thoughts, you will discover that the thing you concentrate on the most is the same thing drawing your conscious mind.

At the age of 24, I was working for a nonprofit organization earning a pitiful salary. There was no room for promotion, salary increase, or ever being wealthy. However, one day I heard a man speak about goal setting. This teaching changed my life forever.

I immediately wrote down my goals on a piece of paper and stuck these goals above my bed and in my bathroom so I would look at them every day. Within a few short years I had achieved every goal; new car, new four bedroom home, six-figure salary travelling business class around the world.

There’s a reason for the desires welling up inside of you, the fantasies you may hide away from the world. Don’t dismiss those dreams. Write them down and meditate on them.


2. What You Concentrate On Grows

If you focus solely on problems, pain will expand in your mind and emotions. Ultimately, these barriers will become an unconquerable giant. However, if you concentrate on a goal, your mind can give you eagles’ wings to soar above the obstacles and reach your goal.

Years ago a little girl named Wilma Rudolph was born into a poor African-American family in Tennessee. At the age of four she contracted polio, which left her with a paralyzed left leg. She had to wear a steel brace to walk. Her mother was a prayerful woman and told her, “Wilma, if you have faith, persistence, and indomitable spirit, nothing will be impossible to you.”

At the age of nine, Rudolph had a dream: She dreamed of being the world’s fastest female runner. At the age of 11, Rudolph did something that the doctors said she would never do; she removed her leg brace and gradually began to walk. Then she began to run, developing a rhythmic stride that, medically speaking, was a wonder to behold.

She began running track at Tennessee State University and soon after entered the 1960 Rome Olympics.

There she entered the 100-meter race. After winning her first heat, she was pitted in the finals against reigning world champion, a German woman called Yetta Hini. Rudolph won the final and received her first gold medal. Then in the 200 meters final she again faced Hini. She beat her in the final and won her second gold medal.


Then came the 4 x 100 meter relay where Rudolph was the last runner for the U.S. and Hini was the last runner for Germany. The race ran neck and neck after the first leg and continued that way as the third runners approached their hand offs. In her enthusiasm and excitement, Rudolph looked up to see where Yetta was and dropped the baton. This fumble could easily have cost her the race, but Rudolph quickly reached down and grabbed the baton. Summoning every ounce of her courage and indomitable spirit, she ran the race of her life, overtook Hini, and won her third gold medal, becoming the world’s fastest women’s runner.

Rudolph could have concentrated on her background and illness, but she instead concentrated on her goal and became the world’s greatest women’s runner.

3. Concentrate On Something And You Will Become Like It

You will take on the form of whatever you behold. You will adopt the attributes of your focus. Dwell on the negative and you will become negative, dwell on the positive and you will become positive.

I recall reading a story many years ago about two brothers. One became a lawyer and eventually a respected judge. Meanwhile, his brother became an alcoholic who stumbled through life without hope. When someone asked what made them the way they were, both brothers replied, “Because my father was an alcoholic.”

Ironic, isn’t it? One had such a strong dream in his mind of being a father, a husband, and a success. The other brother saw no way to rise above his miserable childhood, focusing only on becoming an abusive alcoholic like his father.


In both cases, these men became what they saw.

4. You Will Have What You Concentrate On

This fourth principle explains the power of advertising. Why would companies spend millions of dollars placing images mixed with emotionally charged music before the public’s eyes if the ads had no effect on their decision making?

When you concentrate on something strongly enough and couple it with emotional desire, your mind will do everything possible to bring that thing into your life. This means you must be careful to focus on the good, because you may wind up getting things that aren’t helpful.

Knowing these four principles will help you achieve what you want. Try them.

Chris Gaborit is managing director at The Learning Factor. Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.