• 09.12.14

Jack White Makes A Pretty Great Music Video In 24 Hours

It doesn’t look like he rushed it.

Part of the fun of being Jack White these days is that you can do whatever you want. He’s beholden to no one: He’s on his own label, playing music under his own name (well, his own pseudonym) without any permanent bandmates, and he’s a big enough star that whatever he tries tends to work. That’s a recipe for indulging your creative impulses if there ever was one, and the video for “Would You Fight For My Love ?” is just another example of the Jack White approach to the music industry.


The video–which features White in a dapper blue suit inside of the Oxford Hotel’s Cruise Room in Denver (the first post-prohibition bar in the city), as he drinks, smolders, and makes eyes at photographer/musician Scout Paré-Phillips–was conceived, produced, and shot within a 24 hour window.

The six-hour shoot was helmed by music video director Robert Hales (perhaps best known for Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”) on less than twelve hours notice. All of those details are impressive precisely because the video doesn’t look like a novelty or a whim. The cracks one might expect to see in a music video that can be graded on a “Well, they made it in less than a day” curve are not present. It’s just a music video–conceived, shot, and assembled faster than almost anyone working could do, which is the whole spirit of Jack White these days. There’ve always been artists who work fast, or who focus on chasing their creative whims as soon as they come to mind–but there haven’t been many who make it look this good.

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