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Now You Can Buy Your Buddy A Beer On Facebook

Budweiser teams with the social network to connect digital drinking buddies.

Now You Can Buy Your Buddy A Beer On Facebook

Buying a round of drinks for a friend is a wonderful act. It can silently say, “I appreciate you and value our friendship and time together.” Or maybe just, “You get the next one.” Depends on the friend. Either way, it feels good.

Now Anheuser-Busch has teamed with Facebook and agency AKQA have come up with a way to buy a buddy a beer even if that friend is nowhere in sight. You know those cool neighborhood bars that have the chalkboard up where you can pay for someone’s drink the next time they come in? Picture that, except over Facebook.

Both Buds for Buds and Bud Light Birthday give beer drinkers in Denver and Chicago–and soon the rest of the US– the ability to send a friend a voucher for free beer.

Bonus: Next time you’re alone at a bar and suddenly realize you forgot your wallet, you’re just one sad status update away from getting a friend to pay for your beer.

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