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Deliv Partners With Foot Locker For Same-Day Sneaker Delivery

For five extra dollars, you can get your kicks delivered to your doorstep piping hot.

Deliv Partners With Foot Locker For Same-Day Sneaker Delivery
[Photo: Flickr user Tomislav Mavrovic]

Pretend you have a really important basketball game tomorrow.

You've worn holes in the bottom of your smelly old pair of Monarchs that your parents gifted you four Christmases ago, and for whatever reason you can't find a ride to the mall to buy a fresh pair of tricked-out 2014 Hyperdunks. What to do?

Pretty soon, you'll be able to fire up in the old browser and be the beneficiary of Utopian same-day delivery. In an announcement on Friday, Foot Locker said that it was partnering with Deliv to bring customers their shoes on the day they order them for five extra dollars. No more waiting wistfully by the window every day for UPS!

"Foot Locker knows the key to retail success is to give customers choice and convenience when shopping online or in store," said Daphne Carmeli, CEO of Deliv, in a statement.

While TaskRabbit, once a competitor in the instant-delivery space, has pivoted its core business to focus on household errands, Deliv is expanding via partnerships with retailers like Bose, 1-800-Flowers, and Mrs. Fields. In Foot Locker's case, same-day delivery will first roll out in five stores in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles before (eventually) rolling out to all of the shoe company's North American stores.