Ditching The Office Chair, Feeling Grossed Out, And Failing: The Most Popular Leadership Stories This Week

This week, we asked, “Why can’t we just win for once?” as well as, “Why do I feel slimy all the sudden, after that conference?”


We stood to attention, examined our rituals, and called out our setbacks and insecurities: Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of September 8.


A User’s Guide To Standing While You Work

By this point in the “Sedentary Death Syndrome” reporting cycle, you’ve likely either bought or built your own standing desk–or resigned to your seated fate. But if you’re still on the fence, this guide lays out your options for office posture–including something called a “wobble stool.”

Why Networking Makes You Feel Physically Gross

Are powerful people less repulsed by the idea of climbing a pseudo-social ladder? There’s a scientific reason you want to wash your hands after every business card you pass out. Imagine your last networking endeavor, and play along with the researchers’ study for yourself.

What The Hype Behind Embracing Failure Is Really About

Since when is “failure” a desirable description? You’ve probably heard the “fail fast, fail often” startup mindset, but why not just . . . win, in the first place? We examine the “failure as success” fad, in detail.

The Importance Of Ritual To The Creative Process

We’re undeniably creatures of habit, and even the most dynamically creative person has a few patterns in her work that make the elusive muse appear. Stop banging your head against a blank page, and find your own rituals for creativity.

8 Female Leaders On How To Overcome What’s Holding Women Back

“Fear, insecurity, inertia, money–all those have held me back in my life and still do,” says Rachel Skylar, cofounder of The and Change the Ratio. These women are shaking up their industries, but that doesn’t mean they don’t sometimes feel outside–and inner–forces pulling them down. See how they shift their own narratives.