This Portable Standing Desk Lets You Stand And Work Anywhere You Bring Your Laptop

Picture yourself being “that standing desk guy” not just at the office, but at a coffee shop, library, and wherever else you happen to be.

There are a lot of standing desks on the market these days. But most of them are pretty stationary. They assume you have the sort of job where staying in place is what you have to do from 9 to 5.


Many of us need to be mobile during the day. We visit customers or colleagues, hang out in coffee shops, or work while traveling. That’s when you might want something that’s not only standing, but also portable. Something like StandStand, perhaps?

Now on Kickstarter, StandStand is a three-piece wooden kit that locks together into one sturdy platform for your laptop. And very elegant it is too. It weighs less than two pounds, flattens into one interconnected lump, and costs as little as $50 if buying early through the crowdfunding campaign, which is considerably less than most standing desks (probably only building your own is cheaper).

The design comes from Luke Leafgren, who makes his case in the video here:

Leafgren, who works as a student advisor at Harvard, came up with the idea last year. “One thing about my job is that I work in a lot of different places. I have students in my office. I’m in the dining hall, the library and cafes. I thought it would be great to have the option of standing in all these places, so I tried to design something like a laptop that I could take wherever I go.”

The product is available in three sizes: 9, 12 and 14 inches. A birch finish costs $50, while a denser bamboo version costs $90. Shipment date is set for December.


Leafgren is trying to raise $15,000, which will go mostly towards a professional-grade CNC cutting machine (the pieces are currently cut by hand in Wisconsin).

There are other portable standing desks on the market, like the Stork Stand, which fits to the back of a chair. But Leafgren argues that his product is usable in more situations and is cheaper and lighter (two pounds compared to more than four pounds).

“It’s more attractive than some of the designs out there and more sturdy,” he says. In tests, the StandStand held its own under 900 pounds of evenly distributed weight. Which isn’t bad for something lighter than a laptop.


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