See Exactly How Apple Expects You To Use Its New Watch As A Fitness Friend

While unveiling its newest quiver of goods, Apple also unleashed a collection of ads and videos to make sure you know just how much better your life could be with a shiny, new device.

One new ad called “Perspective” is a bit of a breathless chest-puff on creative thinking that, in an ironic twist, has already raised claims of unoriginality– OK Go says it used the same concept and production company for its latest video released back in June–after pitching the idea as a collaboration to Apple itself. But OK Go is hardly the originator of the perspective device–it’s been used a whole lot over the last several years, including by Apple rival Google, which used the same point-of-view trickery back in 2009.

Another new spot dramatically highlights the iPhone 6’s seamless design.

The brand is also betting big on health and fitness, with apps on both the new Watch and iPhone 6. For the watch, the new hype video shows how you can stylishly track everything from your morning run, to the family bike ride to how much you’ve stood everyday, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For the iPhone, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s voices use the new Health app to compare notes. Pro tip: When it comes to fitness, smoothie trumps funnel cake.JB