How Does The Apple Watch Compare To Other Smartwatches?

We break down the smartphone market.

Apple wasn’t ambiguous about its new wearable: This is definitely a watch meant to compete against all the other smartwatches out there. I’ve tried out most of the smartwatches on the market, but none of them have satisfied me yet.


The Apple Watch won’t ship until early next year, but based on what we know so far, here’s how it compares to some of the other smartwatches it will compete against:


Apple Watch: Either 38mm L or 42mm L.

Moto 360: 46mm L x 46mm W x 11.5mm H.


Pebble Steel: 46mm L x 34mm W x 10.5mm H.

LG G: 37.9mm L x 46.5mm W x 9.95mm H.

Samsung Gear S: 39.8mm L x 58.3mm W x 12.5 mm H.


Sony SmartWatch 3: 36mm L x 51mm W x 10mm H.


Apple Watch: Flexible Retina display with unknown resolution.

Moto 360: 1.56-inch LCD display with a 320×290 resolution.


Pebble Steel: 1.26-inch mono chrome e-paper display with a 144×168 resolution.

LG G: 1.65-inch LCD display with a 280×280 resolution.

Samsung Gear S: 2-inch curved super AMOLED with a 360×480 resolution.


Sony SmartWatch 3: 1.6-inch Transflective display with a 320×320 resolution.


Apple Watch: Starting at $349

Moto 360: $249


Pebble Steel: $249

LG G: $179

Samsung Gear S: Unknown (rumored to be 299 Euro)


Sony SmartWatch 3: 229 Euro (~$290)


Apple Watch: Heart rate sensor (will also help detect calorie intake) and accelerometer.

Moto 360
: Accelerometer, Pedometer, and optical heart-rate monitor.

Pebble Steel: Accelerometer.


LG G: Accelerometer.

Samsung Gear S: Accelerometer, proximity, heart rate, barometer, and UV light.

Sony SmartWatch 3: Accelerometer, GPS.



Apple Watch: Unknown.

Moto 360: “Full day.” 300mAh capacity.

Pebble Steel: 5-7 days. 130mAh capacity.


LG G: “Full day.” 400mAh capacity.

Samsung Gear S: 300mAh Capacity.

Sony SmartWatch 3: “two days of normal use.” 420mAh capacity.



Apple Watch: Inductive charging with MagSafe-like cable.

Moto 360: Inductive charging with custom cradle.

Pebble Steel: Inductive charging with proprietary cable.


Lg G: Inductive charging with custom dock.

Samsung Gear S: Inductive charging with custom dock. The dock itself also includes a 300mAh battery for charging away from power outlet.

Sony SmartWatch 3: Via standard microUSB port with any microUSB cable.


Apple Watch: Apple’s watch runs iOS and developers will have access to build apps specifically for the watch with WatchKit.

Moto 360: Motorola’s watch runs Google’s Android Wear which lets Android developers to tweak existing apps to run on all Android Wear watches.

Pebble Steel: The Pebble Steel runs the same Pebble OS as the original Pebble and is compatible with all available first- and third-party apps.

LG G: LG’s watch also run Android Wear like the Moto 360.

Samsung Gear S: The Gear S will run Samsung’s own Tizen operating system and was said to have about 1,000 apps available at its launch (October).

Sony SmartWatch 3: The SmartWatch 3 is Sony’s first Android Wear watch and gets all the app benefits as the other Wear watches.

Additional Info

Apple Watch: Apple’s watch is heavily focused on fashion, with lots of physical customization options. The watch will also be curated into three different collections featuring different materials and different watch bands. It’s not currently known whether accessory makers will be able to offer their own products for the Apple Watch.

Moto 360: The Moto 360 recently released to a bunch of fanfare for its stylish round display and sold out on the first day it was available to purchase.

Pebble Steel: Pebble was the first widely adopted smartwatch, complete with third-party apps and watch faces. Pebble has sold more than 400,000 units and now offers the original version in several different colors.

LG G: The G watch was one of the first Android Wear watches to be teased and released. LG has already announced and shown off its second Android Wear watch, Watch R, which has a round display like the Moto 360.

Samsung Gear S: The big feature is that the Gear S will have its own 3G connectivity built-in, meaning no phone is needed for Internet access. The Gear S is also one of the most comprehensive smartwatch with feature after feature included. It’s still unknown how the Tizen operating system will stand as the software for a watch.

Sony SmartWatch 3: Sony has been building Android compatible smartwatches for a long time, but up until now it’s been using custom software. That limited apps and which phones were compatible. Now that the SmartWatch 3 is using Android Wear it stands a much better chance of consumer adoption.