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See The Ads For Apple’s New iPhone 6 And Watch

The brand used these ads to help unveil its line-up of new products.

See The Ads For Apple’s New iPhone 6 And Watch

You may have been reading the liveblogs and coverage, or hitting refresh on your livestream all afternoon, but the brand didn’t just hype its new line-up of products from the stage, it also created a few new ads to help get the message across.

First, the Watch. It begins like untold car and telecom ads, with a space shot of the Earth’s glorious surface only to reveal that the actual glorious surface is that of… Apple’s new watch. Behold, its sleek buttons and smooth surfaces! Different bands! Different colors! A mildly hypnotic soundtrack! It all ends with a collection of watches hurling towards you in slow motion as you contemplate a world in which you will not have to dig into your pocket to find out what time it is or any number of other tasks. Phones? Who needs a phone?

Unless of course we’re talking about the new iPhone 6, obviously. You’re definitely going to need that. Apple didn’t team up Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake in this ad for nothing. Sure, there’s no hashtags or history lessons–hell, there aren’t even any faces–but they do perform a pretty solid cover of Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra (no classroom instruments, sadly).

And as if all that hype wasn’t enough, a decade after Steve Jobs unveiled a custom iPod for the band, U2 was on stage with CEO Tim Cook to announce that its newest album Songs of Innocence is available exclusively and for free on iTunes. The ad for the album is a new twist on a familiar style–the iPoddish silhouettes, Bono’s up close loud yell-sing-face, the Edge’s rock riff leg bounce and guitar swing, and the song that sounds like it would’ve appeared in a mobile phone commercial eventually anyway.

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