The Apple Live Blog Reality Distortion Field

Apple ran a great live blog–if you only wanted to hear complimentary things about Apple.

The Apple Live Blog Reality Distortion Field
[Photo: Alice Truong for Fast Company]

For its big technology announcement of the year, Apple has gotten into the live blog game. Apple has long live-streamed its events, and that hasn’t stopped news sites from adding live blogged coverage. But this year, the Apple PR team went a bit further, mimicking media coverage with its own stream of the events happening on stage, peppered with pictures and tweets. It’s like a live blog from your favorite tech blog, but brought to you by Apple with all of Apple’s internal images and videos, share buttons included. While journalists scramble for decent iPhone photos of the new Apple Watch to post to their feeds, Apple runs its arsenal of crisp promotional imagery. It’s hard to compete with.


However, what the live blog offers in pretty pictures, it lacks in jokes and what some might call reality. Here’s the version of today’s big news of the long rumored Apple Watch that you would get if you used Apple as your trusted news source:

CNN’s Bill Weir applauds design guru Jony Ive for creating something that looks like a watch:

Bloomberg’s Josh Topolsky can’t wait to get his:

The New York Times’s Farhad Manjoo calls the watch that looks like a watch “stunning”:

“BEAUTIFUL” says TechCrunch:

Fast Company‘s Mark Wilson pats Apple on the back for a great idea:


Apple’s live blog is not only misleading, it’s sterile. Here’s the kind of fun, thoughtful tidbits readers miss if they only get their news from the Apple machine:

The New Yorker’s Nick Thompson brings up a completely valid and fair point:

Technology journalist Chris O’Brien says the Watch has one redeeming quality:

The New York Times‘s Ravi Somaya brings up another completely valid and fair point about a gadget which has the redeeming quality of animating emoji:

The Wirecutter’s Kimber Streams finds it ugly:

And our very own Mark Wilson had some not so nice thoughts, too:


Considering all the fanboyism surrounding Apple and its product announcements, live blogs can read like sponsored content. That is, until you read Apple’s own live blog, and realize: It could be worse.

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Rebecca Greenfield is a former Fast Company staff writer. She was previously a staff writer at The Atlantic Wire, where she focused on technology news.