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EA And Madden Make Meme-Lemonade Out Of Tiny, Glitchy Lemons

The tiny linebacker returns!

When life hands you glitches, make glitch-ade–or something like that, anyway. That’s the philosophy over at EA, whose new release of Madden saw some unexpected (and meme-able) glitches arise in the two weeks since it shipped. There was the glitch that made players fly way up into the sky as if they’d been raptured, and there was the fact that, for some reason, rookie linebacker Christian Kirksey of the Cleveland Browns was rendered as a wee little defender who was roughly as tall as every other player’s shoe.

Still, rather than hide the embarrassment of an early glitch in a major release, EA has opted instead to embrace it: The company has released a trailer to tell the story of the “Tiny Titan,” in which Kirksey himself gives interviews explaining how, even though he’s small (well, actually 6’2″, 220 pounds), he plays with ferocity that makes him a feared competitor. The Tiny Titan trailer is featured in-game in Madden, and obviously also on YouTube, where the company’s approach to their error has made them an obvious hit. And given the day Darren Sproles had on Sunday, apparently being tiny in the NFL isn’t that big of a deal, anyway.

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