Here’s Your Worst Brand Tweet Of The Week

Here’s Your Worst Brand Tweet Of The Week
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It is only Tuesday. But does that mean it is too early to crown a new Worst Brand Tweet of the Week?

No. No it is not.

This week’s comes courtesy of DiGiorno Pizza, with a hat tip to Mic News. The hashtag in question, #WhyIStayed, was originally conceived as a way to express solidarity with Janay Rice (née Palmer), the wife of newly suspended NFL receiver Ray Rice after video of him brutally punching her in an elevator was published by TMZ.

As of Tuesday morning, #WhyIStayed is still trending, providing a small but powerful way for victims of domestic abuse to share their stories with one another.

And DiGiorno?

The tweet in question was quickly deleted, followed by an apology.

Brands, please consider this another teachable moment.

Update: DiGiornio Pizza’ social media person is personally replying to hundreds of outraged Twitter users, which is basically tilting at windmills. There’s no need to do all that! We all make mistakes:

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