Watch This Marching Band’s Insane TV-Themed Halftime Show

The bar has been raised–your move, every other college marching band.

Watch This Marching Band’s Insane TV-Themed Halftime Show

Ohio State University may have lost to Virginia Tech during this past Friday night’s football game, but the Buckeyes’ marching band more than made up for it with a halftime performance of TV show theme songs ranging from TV Land classics like Dragnet to modern favorites like Game of Thrones.


And if you think the band simply marched around in nice straight lines playing these themes, you’re so very mistaken. Do yourself a favor and watch the entire video to see the band’s fluid transitions into insane formations: Bart Simpson cruising on his skateboard, the Batmobile speeding toward justice, Jeannie’s bottle smoking for Master, etc.

But if you must skip ahead, here are time markers for the entire list of theme songs performed:

Dragnet (0:44)
The Simpsons (1:44)
The Addams Family (2:20)
Batman (2:55)
M*A*S*H (3:45)
I Dream of Jeannie (4:24)
The Office (4:53)
Hawaii Five-O (5:20)
The Brady Bunch (6:25)
Game of Thrones (7:12)
The Lone Ranger (8:00)


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