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Watch As A GoPro-Strapped Daredevil Climbs Into An Active F*%&ing Volcano

That’s hot.

Watch As A GoPro-Strapped Daredevil Climbs Into An Active F*%&ing Volcano

Of course people did really nutty things before the invention of the GoPro camera. Harry Houdini buried himself alive; Reinhold Messner climbed Mt. Everest without an oxygen tank; Alain Bombard crossed the Atlantic in a rubber dinghy; Evel Knievel Evel Knieveled his way into the hearts of people around the world throughout the ’70s. But since Felix Baumgartner wore a GoPro and dove from sub-orbit down to earth, the GoPro has become synonymous with “somebody’s about to do something really crazy for us to watch” (as well as for “Awwwwwwwwww. Look at the doggie”).

The latest exhibit in that ongoing campaign is this 2:43 second video from filmmaker Sam Cossman entitled “Diving Into An Active Volcano.” Cossman, who was part of an expedition into the Marum Volcano in the South Pacific along with Geoff Mackley and George Kourounis, captured video that stops just short of that dramatic title (there’s not, like, footage of someone swan-diving into a pool of lava). Still, the footage is unbelievable, as the camera captures the team closer than any rational human being should stand next to a spewing, unpredictable pool of lava. The whole thing is edited in high-tension fashion, and the track “I Still Have a Soul” by Gabriel Shadid & Tobias Marberger, from their Epic Score series of stock music, really sell the
drama here.

Thrill-seeking is–and has always been–its own reward, of course, and Cossman and friends didn’t venture into the volcano to, like, melt a ring of power that threatened to destroy the world or anything. Crazy-ass people have probably been climbing down to active volcanos for a long time, but thanks to the GoPro, we can get a better look at how &*%$ing crazy they are as they get that footage.

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