“Manipulator” Is a Fitting Title For An Interactive Music Video That Lets You Change Everything

Not all interactive music videos are created equal. Some act as choose-your-own-adventure-ish narratives, others allow viewers to insert themselves into the mix. The latest video from retro rocker Ty Segall, however, allows viewers to play God with it, and control just about everything they see onscreen.

The fittingly titled “Manipulator” is the title track from Segall’s new album, and the interactive video it scores is a kaleidoscopic non-sequitor of a visual pastiche. Directed by Matt Yoka, and also, in a way, you, the video starts out with Segall performing in what appears to be his bedroom. Everything in this bedroom turns out to be fluid, since users can click on any object and make it change. Don’t like the curtains? Click on them and they can change colors. Not a fan of the poster art? Click and it becomes an enormous fried egg. Some of these changes become even more fun, though, upon repeated clicks. There might be nobody outside the window, until a click conjures up a woman in a hazmat suit, another brings on a UFO, and another still makes the UFO destroy the hazmat lady. Maybe postpone whatever else you were about to do this morning for half an hour.

You can watch the directors version of the “Manipulator” video above, or go to Segall’s website to create your own.

[h/t to Pitchfork]JB