These GIFs Illustrate “Nefilibata” And Other Useful Words That Have No English Translation

A picture may or not be worth a thousand words, but sometimes you need a series of moving pictures to represent just one word. Or at least that’s the case when a word has no direct translation in English.

Wordstuck is a new project created by Cebu-based artist Mark Cuyos that attempts to describe untranslatable words from different languages using GIFs. These words have no direct English counterpart, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to the same emotional punctuation we use to clarify digital speak these days. Some depictions are indeed literal, like “Serein,” which means the fine light rainfall that comes from a clear sky, typically after a sunset. (A slight, dabble of rain appears in the GIF, tapping a puddle.) Mostly, however, these GIFs evoke a feeling rather than a definition. The “spontaneous combustion of creative spark that is followed by action in order to manifest and bring into existence,” which is apparently known as “rastrophiliopustrocity” is conveyed with a moving Van Gogh Starry Night animation, which is a bit more vague.

Perhaps seeing that GIF will cause you to experience a rastrophiliopustrocity of your own, and post a better GIF describing that word in the comments below.

[h/t to Design Taxi]JB