Amazing Art Made Out Of Old Buttons And Action Figures

Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” But what about art made from once abandoned things? Artist Jane Perkins is creating just that with her “Plastic Classics” series.

Using found plastics in their original colors, Perkins assembles the pieces into incredible re-creations of iconic paintings and portraits. Although Perkins has more contemporary subjects, it’s re-imagining Impressionist paintings in plastic that gives her creations added depth, as she explains on her website:

Impressionist paintings are the perfect inspiration for my work. It needs to be viewed in two ways (as in Impressionism) – from a distance to make sense of the whole image, and close up to identify the materials used (the brush strokes). Similarly, the 3D nature of Van Gogh’s thickly applied paint which he squirted straight from the tube, lends itself to interpretation using found materials.

You’ll never look at a button the same way again.