Corona Beams Sunlight On Patio Drinkers Suffering From Shade

In northern North America, summer is fleeting at best, and this summer in particular was more feeble than most. So when the weather’s nice, there’s something akin to a moral duty to get out there and enjoy it. Yet, for urban dwellers, a city’s architecture can thwart any efforts to soak in some rays while sitting on an outdoor patio. Just try to enjoy the summer sun as it slips behind that looming office tower far too early in the afternoon.

Corona Extra found a way to spare Canadians the pain of a shady patio with its Sun Beam project. Rather than watch summer lovers endure a lack of rays, it brought the sun–and some Corona Extra–directly to them with the help of a giant reflector screen affixed to a crane. Because when the sun eludes you, there’s nothing quite like basking in a reflective glare.

The project was conceived by Toronto agency Zulu Alpha Kilo and the sun beam was constructed by Truck Design and Construction, and is allowing Corona Extra to extend summer for lucky Torontonians in the coming weeks while cooling their throats with some free beers. While sunglasses were provided we sure hope that a generous dollop of sunscreen was thrown in the mix, too.