These Ikea Instructions Are For Building Monsters, Not Melltorps

And you thought nothing was scarier than the usual Ikea instructions.

Ordinarily, the biggest problem in assembling something from Ikea is missing a piece of equipment or reading a step the wrong way. The items in Ed Harrington’s “Ikea Instructions” series, however, may actually kill you and everyone you know. The cartoonist and illustrator has been creating monster manuals based on the harder-than-it-looks actual versions from the Swedish home goods store. It’s the perfect way to “make” your own Ikea monster, after reading about some fictional counterparts here. An alien like the one in Alien, for instance, merely requires encountering a space egg, letting the facehugger inside impregnate you, and voila–a monster! Of course, the instructions also require an allen wrench for some reason.

Have a look at more Ikea monster instructions in the slides above.

[h/t to Blame it on the Voices]JB