Finalists Of The 2014 Innovation By Design Awards: Social Good

A healthier, brighter, more efficient world doesn’t just happen—it happens by design.


That’s proven by the finalists from our 2014 Innovation by Design competition, chosen from 1,587 boundary-pushing entries. All are listed here, and category winners will be announced at our conference in New York on October 15. Learn more at


20K House Product Line

By Rural Studio
To add needed affordable housing in Hale County, Alabama, Rural Studio is designing modular houses that can be built for $20,000, the most someone on median Social Security can afford.

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By i am OTHER
Pharrell Williams’s song reaches max saturation with a 24-hour-long music video. A spin-off site hosts fans’ videos and drives donations to the United Nations Foundation.

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WINNER BioLite HomeStove

By BioLite
Excess heat from this stove is converted into electricity, which provides significant fuel savings in developing nations.


Color + City

Artists can use this app to connect with people who own ugly exterior walls (or buildings). The result: new murals–and more vibrant cities.

Illustration: Ollanski

The Miraclefeet Brace

By Ian Connolly and Jeffrey Yang
Used to treat clubfoot, a leading cause of physical disability worldwide, the is made out of lightweight plastic and goes for less than $20–far more affordable and easier to use than any previous braces.

Tiny Miracles Foundation

By Pepe Heykoop
Can charity have a bigger impact by setting smaller goals? This Dutch group is working to bring one street in the Mumbai slums into the middle class by 2020.