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The Best Reason For Girls To Learn To Code: Nude Ryan Gosling Pics

Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love

[Photo: courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures]

If humanity learns one lesson from "the fappening" it should be that we need more girl coders. "Attention all female nerds, learn how to hack," this video from the Cotillion Girls Comedy group begins. "How else are we going to get into Ryan Gosling's phone and get those dick pics?"

The video isn't really promoting invading Ryan Gosling's privacy, or objectifying his body. Rather, it's a glorious indictment of all the horrible things male coders have created, like rape hacks in Grand Theft Auto (for real) and an app that simulates sex with women, vagina-replica attachment included.

"Quid pro quo, Ryan," as the Cotillion Girls say.