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Your Significant Other Is Probably Snooping On Your Smartphone

Some do so because they are nosy, while others look for evidence of cheating.

Your Significant Other Is Probably Snooping On Your Smartphone

[Image: Flickr user Sam Caplat]

Ah, love. It's what makes the sun rise and the birds sing. It is also what instills paranoia and insecurities in people, driving them to snoop on their partners' phones.

A study from AVAST published Wednesday found one in five men and one in four women admit to checking their partners' smartphones without their consent. Surveying 13,132 respondents in the U.S., AVAST said a quarter of married women who did check their spouses' phones did so out of suspicions of infidelity. However, most women did so "because they are nosey," the company said.

Many couples already had their partners' smartphone passcodes, according to AVAST, but some didn't even need one to gain entry. Of the respondents, 41% of women said their partners did not have a passcode while 33% of men said the same about their partners.

Of those who do snoop, more than half of the men and women think their partners do the same, especially those in long-term relationships. The newly love-struck who check their partners' devices don't seem to suspect their significant others of doing the same.