Want To Win A Lifetime Of Free Taco Bell? Find These Special $1 Bills

Good luck.

Want To Win A Lifetime Of Free Taco Bell? Find These Special $1 Bills
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To celebrate the release of its new dollar menu, Taco Bell is holding a contest that could give up to 11 winners a “lifetime” of free Taco Bell. (And, presumably, of heartburn.) What does earning such a prize entail? Finding a special $1 bill out in the wild.


Only the prize is not exactly a lifetime; it’s $10,000 worth of Taco Bell gift cards. According to Taco Bell’s math, that’s because the average eater will spend $216 per year on Taco Bell over a span of 46 years. I assume that’s because 46 is the maximum number of years one can expect to live when subsisting on a steady diet of Doritos shells and Waffle Tacos.

For the promotion, Taco Bell is releasing 11 “Everlasting” dollar bills in 11 cities over the next few days. So far, three bills have been distributed in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Nashville. To learn the serial number, you have to watch a YouTube video at this website:

Also: You’ll have to find the bill by October 21.

So! What are your chances of actually finding one of these things? Unclear–though, presumably, not very good. It might be instructive to look at a site like, where hobbyists self-report marked bills they come across in a giant database. One poster in the forums writes that after a year of circulating marked currency, he actually came across two of his dollar bills, the bulk of which were spent at fast food chains and convenience stores.

The weird part? He found those two bills at two different Taco Bells.


Learn more about the promotion here.

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