Matthew Dear And GE Drop Science, And Cats Take Over Pizza Hut: The Top Five Ads Of The Week

Ricky Gervais is a Netflix superfan, Matthew Dear makes machine music with GE, a Bissell brand manager eats off the subway floor, anti-litter ads made from garbage, and cats running a Pizza Hut.

Matthew Dear And GE Drop Science, And Cats Take Over Pizza Hut: The Top Five Ads Of The Week

Dropping science is a longstanding musical tradition, but you practically need a lab coat for electronic musician and DJ Matthew Dear’s newest song. “Drop Science” uses more than 1,000 sound samples from machines and facilities at GE’s Global Research Center in Niskayuna, New York.


Dear said the project was like “a tightrope to walk to make sure it was equal parts experimentation, something that represented GE, but also something that was clearly one of my productions. It was an interesting blend to hit all those angles without going too far off in one direction.”

Read more about this science you can dance to, and the rest of our picks for this week’s best in brand creativity.

Netflix “Superfan”

What: Ricky Gervais imagines what it would be like if he starred in House of Cards, Lilyhammer, and Orange is the New Black.
Who: Netflix
Why We Care: Nothing too fancy here, just a funny guy in a funny ad that also spotlights one of the primary pleasures of the platform–binge watching. And face it, Gervais makes one hell of a bearded ladyman.


GE/Matthew Dear “Drop Science”

What: Electronic musician and DJ Matthew Dear took a trip to GE’s Global Research Lab and collected a wide variety of whirring, bleeping, and vibrating machinery, then used the more than 1,000 sound samples to create a brand new track.
Who: GE, Matthew Dear, The Barbarian Group, m ss ng p eces
Why We Care: It’s a cool piece of content that fans will actually enjoy, and shows GE’s innovative spirit goes beyond the oven in the kitchen. The brand also opened up GE’s sound catalog to everyone, distributing the track, stems, and video files as a BitTorrent bundle.

Bissell “Subway”

What: Bissell Canada brand manager Ravi Dalchand is so confident in the brand’s new Symphony steam cleaner, he cleaned a small square of space on the floor of Toronto’s busiest subway station and ate pasta off it.
Who: Bissell, KBS+ Toronto
Why We Care: In the era of viral videos and stuntvertising, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see brands pulling a Victor Kiam. Sure we were impressed when the president of Volvo Trucks went out on a line, but eating off a floor 400,000 people walk on every day takes things up a nasty notch.

City of Toronto “Littering Says A lot About You”

What: Anti-litter ads that use mash-ups of tossed packaging to scold those that don’t give a hoot.
Who: City of Toronto, Publicis Canada, Livegreen
Why We Care: Littering has been a problem for a long time, just ask Woodsy. It’s enough to bring you to tears. These ads, however, are insults wrapped in clever and creative clothing. One second you’re admiring an artful mash-up of Lay’s Chips and Krazy Glue, the next you’re overcome with shame about that gum wrapper you dropped on the sidewalk. It’s too bad some short-sighted brands have now gone and forced the campaign to be pulled.


Pizza Hut “Pizza Cat Store!”

What: Cats running a pizza place. Seriously.
Who: Pizza Hut Japan
Why We Care: Umm, cats running a pizza place? YES. They can’t talk on the phone, they can’t make pizza, they have no thumbs, but damn if they don’t look amazing in those uniforms.


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