Coffee Hacks, Annoying Emails, And Early Risers: The Most Popular Leadership Stories This Month

We experimented with our most essential habits this month, and addressed big issues around gender bias and super irritating emails.

This month may have been the worst ever, but we still have to wake up, grab our coffee, and tackle the day. Timing our coffee for the best mood-lift, cutting down on unnecessary decisions, and waking up to our gender biases have kept us busy in August.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the month of August.

What Happened When I Woke Up Two Hours Earlier For A Week

Whether your day starts at 6:30 a.m. with the sun or a more leisurely 9a.m., setting your alarm clock a little earlier means more hours in the day–and we all want more of that. Is it really worth losing the sleep, though? We investigated, with readers’ help.

The New Habit Challenge: Drink Your Coffee When Science Tells You To

Many of us rise and shine only when there’s a cup of coffee within our immediate grasp. For the truly addicted, this exercise in restraint brings real, scientifically proven (and surprising) benefits.


Why The Most Successful Organizations Have Women And Millennials In Charge

Companies with a 30% proportion of young people in higher roles saw “aggressive growth,” according to a new study–and the top 20% financially had almost twice as many women in leadership roles. The numbers are clear: Can we start being paid equally, now?

The One Word Men Never See In Their Performance Reviews

“Jessica is really talented, but I wish she’d be less abrasive. She comes on too strong.” Do men hear similar workplace criticisms? This story’s already garnered debate in the comments–head over to share your own opinion.

10 Gmail Plugins That Improve Email Productivity

Self-destructing emails, an inbox snooze button, a self-aggregating newsletter report: Sound too good to be true? These and more are possible, and will make you feel like a Gmail James Bond.


The New Habit Challenge: Wake Up Insanely Early

Here, we lay the ground rules and case for the week’s effort to roll out of bed a little earlier every day. Did you try this challenge? Let us know how it went in the comments.

The New Habit Challenge: Wear The Same Clothes Every Day

Picking a stylish, comfortable and work-appropriate outfit every day can be time consuming, not to mention burn some valuable decision-making juices before your day even starts. Taking a page from the president’s one-suit-fits-all-scenarios wardrobe, we tried creating our own work uniforms.

Coffee Alternatives That Are Better For Productivity

If over-caffeinating your days is a problem, you’ll be glad to know that chocolate, laughter and green tea are just as good at waking you up, without the jittery side effects.


The 5 Annoying Emails Everyone Gets And How To Respond To Them

Ever wish you could jump out of a reply-all email chain headfirst, or un-see an email you weren’t meant to be copied on? We’ve all see these beasts in our inboxes. Here’s what to do next time you get one.

5 People Who Took A Huge Pay Cut For Their Unique Dream Jobs

What would it take for you to quit your boring day job and chase a dream? For these people, it was adventures like international shopping, taking a comedy stage, and backpacking. Maybe these will inspire you to break free from your desk chains.