Here Is A Really Good Nicolas Cage Activity Book For Kids

Everybody knows that kids love Nicolas Cage, of course, but they lack sufficient opportunities to express their devotion to the Academy Award “Best Actor” winner/frequent Golden Raspberry “Worst Actor” nominee through their quiet-time activities. That’s something that the U.K.-based publisher Haunt Me Studios has finally decided to rectify with its first book, Snake Eyes.

Snake Eyes Book Covercourtesy of Haunt Me Studio

Snake Eyes is a 30-page, Nic Cage-themed activity book that offers fans of the owner of the most quixotic filmography in Hollywood the chance to get even more intimately involved in their Cage fandom than merely approaching random strangers on the street to shout “How’d it get burned?? How’d it get burned?? How’d it get burned how’d it get burned???!!” at them. The book–which is available for a mere £7–features activities based on a variety of Cage’s films: one can re-draw his face in a Face/Off-themed exercise, or enjoy a Con Air-themed maze, or use the “Slick Nic” paper doll cutouts to play with your favorite Nicolas Cage incarnation from the comfort of your own home.

Snake Eyes was created with art from illustrators–and, presumably, Cage fanatics–including Ed Cheverton, Donya Todd, Dazeray, Sarah Haug, Laura Calaghan, Liisa Chisholm, and more, all of whom we suspect were watching either Cage’s critically acclaimed 2014 film Joe or his critically reviled 2014 film Rage while drawing.DS