Do You Write Good Tweets? Twitter Opens Its Analytics Dashboard For All

Good news, Twitter nerds!

Do You Write Good Tweets? Twitter Opens Its Analytics Dashboard For All
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A month ago, Twitter opened up its analytics dashboard to a select group of verified users and advertisers. If Twitter is a performative platform (and it is!), it would tell you how well your individual tweets were doing, sort of like the analytics Facebook and Google offer. How many impressions did a tweet earn? Did people engage with it? Did anyone click on my links? Basically it fed you charts and data to tell you if you are good at Twitter.

Today the doors opened for everyone. Now anyone can access Twitter’s new analytics dashboard, which you can check out at

One thing to note is the Followers section, which will tell you what other Twitter accounts your followers follow, which cities they live in, and what topics you tweet about the most. (For example, most of my Twitter followers (62%) identify as male. Some 16% of them live in New York, and many also follow the New York Times and Mashable.)

Twitter briefly opened up its analytics platform to everyone in June 2013 in a bid to attract new advertisers. Now it’s offering the tool to anyone who simply wants to use it. The news was announced in a tweet by Twitter engineer Ian Chan, who kindly requests you send him feedback. For what it’s worth, even the team at Google seems to like it.

Try it out over here.

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