Reebok Brings Shoes To Your Door With Its Human Dispatch Service

In New York, you can have nearly anything delivered to your door at virtually any time of day. But to try before you buy you generally still need to head to a store.

Reebok is changing that, if for one day only, with its Human Dispatch Service. In an effort to get customers to put on a pair of its new ZJet shoes, on August 28 Reebok is sending a fleet of swift-footed messengers to hand-deliver kicks to directly to people’s feet, wherever they may be in New York.

The idea for this activation, which was created by San Francisco agency Venables Bell & Partners (the agency that was also behind the recent Reebok Bacon stunt), was to mimic the ZJet’s technology, which uses underfoot air channels to adapt to runners’ individual foot strikes, says VBP executive creative director Will McGinness.

“We live in such a real-time environment now where you can get just about anything delivered to you immediately. It made sense that Reebok would take the same approach for shoes,” says McGinness. “The air channels make the ZJet a unique shoe and we thought the try-on process should be just as unique. So, we decided to create a Human Dispatch Service that runs on what the shoes do: air.”

All one needs to do to be selected for this unique fitting experiment is tweet their shoe size and address using #ReebokHDS, and then Reebok’s Human Dispatch Service will send out as many shoes as possible, while supplies last.