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Watch Two Good Samaritans Rescue A Fat Prairie Dog

Just swap Winnie the Pooh with a prairie dog and a honey pot with a hole.

Watch Two Good Samaritans Rescue A Fat Prairie Dog

It feels good to do good—even when it involves an obese prairie dog having the most embarrassing day of its life.

Two good samaritans are driving along a dirt road in Olkhon, Russia when they noticed something wriggling in the ground. Upon further investigation, it turns out to be a prairie dog stuck in a hole.

Welcome to the cutest/saddest thing you’ll see all day (jump to 1:18 for the close-up).

According to the date stamp on the dash cam, this video was taken three years ago but was uploaded recently on YouTube by user PsihAL. Pretty sure that prairie dog could’ve gone his whole life without this surfacing.

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