Would You Eat This Buffalo Crunch Donut From Tim Hortons?

The newest denizen of the Burger King kingdom will be selling Buffalo-sauce donuts at the New York State Fair through Monday.

Would You Eat This Buffalo Crunch Donut From Tim Hortons?
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Yesterday we scaled Arby’s “Meat Mountain” sandwich. And today, we learned that Tim Hortons is rolling out a “Buffalo Crunch Donut” that encases tangy Buffalo sauce in a glazed-donut jacuzzi. Let’s take a dip!


Like the Doritos Locos Taco and the Cronut, the Buffalo Crunch Donut takes different food elements and mashes them together to create a blog-worthy food chimera. Unlike the Doritos Locos Taco and the Cronut though, this thing doesn’t really make sense.

Look at the ingredients. The donuts are topped with with an orange dusting of crushed-up chips. The Buffalo sauce is available in hot or mild, which is apparently tempered with ranch dressing. And as the eagle-eyed sleuths at Grub Street note, the dipping sauce in the middle is adorned with two slivers of tortilla chips of questionable utility.

Tim Horton’s New York State Fair Buffalo Crunch DonutPhoto: Sunny Hernandez via

Why unveil it now? For one, the BCD is being served exclusively at the New York State Fair through Monday. But perhaps Tim Hortons was waiting for its $11.4 billion acquisition by Burger King to be confirmed in order to prove that humble Canadian fast-food chains can pull out showstoppers.

If you’re still puzzled by the BCD’s existence (like me), my Fast Company colleague and (Buffalo native) Rebecca Greenfield says it’s not actually that crazy. “The Buffalo donut is like Buffalo wings plus a donut,” she Gchatted me. “Besides being gross, it’s not a totally insane combo since Tim Hortons is all over Buffalo.” She also noted that Tim Horton used to play professional hockey for the Buffalo Sabres.

Shine on, Buffalo! The BCD will sell for $2.

Would you eat it? Is the Buffalo Crunch Donut the grossest thing you’ve ever laid eyes on today? Let us know in the comments.


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