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Full-Screen Ads Are Coming To The iPhone
[Photo: Flickr user Anthony Kelly]

It looks like Apple is going big: huge iPhones, huge iPads. And now this week, we learned that Apple is working on new ways for "freemium" app makers to eke out revenue, one of which falls in line with its strategy to go bigger everything: full-screen banner ads.

A new document provided to developers about changes to its iAd platform indicates that full-screen interstitial ads and pre-roll video ads are coming to the iPhone's apps, according to Apple Insider. The document (PDF) suggests that the full-screen banners can be used as a transitional screen between two sections of the application; like, say, when you're jumping from the map screen of Two Dots to the actual gameplay.

Meanwhile, the new pre-roll video ads can play for either 15-, 30-, or 60-second increments. (Yes, 60 seconds). Apple is encouraging developers to experiment with its new ad formats. "Implement pre-roll video ads into your app," writes Apple, "and earn much higher CPMs." Oh good.

[h/t: Apple Insider]