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Divorce Selfies: Now A Thing

Look at how happy they seem.

Divorce Selfies: Now A Thing

[Image: Flickr user Giuseppe Milo]

A Florida couple officially ended their three-year marriage on Friday night. The finale to their union became the start of something else, though.

Meet the divorce selfie, the newest addition to what life-altering event should be captured with one arm raised, eyes smiling at the camera.

Shortly after finalizing their separation, Keith Hinson and Michelle Knight snapped a picture with—and here's the maybe-noteworthy part—a very sweet caption. "We are officially un-married," wrote Kinson. "Here's to the most friendly, respectful, and loving split imaginable. We smile not because it's over, but because it happened."

To which I say: Good for them! Look at how happy they look.

The fact that we incessantly document every minute of our (mostly uneventful) lives is hardly surprising. Selfies are just a trendy word applied to an old thing made common because our phones are always glued to our hands. For proof, here is a quick taxonomy of life's major milestones now documented in selfie form:

- Engagement selfies (complete with plastic surgery for your fingers!)
- Altar selfies
- After-sex selfies
- Pregnant selfies
- Childbirth selfies
- Death-defying selfies
- Selfies at funerals

And now we can add divorce selfies to the list. The cycle is complete.

[h/t: Breaking News]