Until “Better Caul Saul” Debuts, Watch This Wacky Ad From A Can-Do Austin Lawyer

Even Saul Goodman might find this to be a bit much.

Let’s say you’re a business owner in Austin, Texas and you need a lawyer. You could read lawyer-review sites, or turn to your peers for recommendations. But if it’s late at night and you’re watching basic cable and you’ve decided to make your decision right now, based on the only criteria you have available to you in such a situation–low-budget television ads–you will probably end up with Pete Reid as your attorney.


Reid is clearly an attorney who believes in the “Better Call Saul” school of advertising: his minute-long spot, “I’m The One For You,” is all about letting you know that he’s the best dude ever. As a Ramones soundalike song called “I’m The One” by Austin band the Ugly Beats plays, Reid solves a Rubik’s Cube in seconds, returns a jogger’s lost wallet, breaks a board with his fist, beats three people at chess at once, gives a lady a ravishing haircut, breaks up a mugging by delivering a devastating clothesline, rescues a drowning man, and pulls off some nigh-impossible feats on the soccer field. It’s basically everything you’d want in an attorney–he’s a savvy problem solver with honesty and integrity, but also toughness and smarts, who cares about people deeply, while also possessing an ability to seemingly be in three places at once.

Basically no matter whose commercial it is or what tone they attempt to take, lawyer ads tend to be both shameless–and Reid’s is definitely that–but we’ll give the guy credit for his sense of humor, at the very least. We’re not entirely sure that “sense of humor” needs to be at the top of your list when settling on an attorney, but if Reid brings that sort of creativity to the courthouse, we imagine he might be able to dazzle an otherwise bored jury over to his side.

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Dan Solomon lives in Austin with his wife and his dog. He's written about music for MTV and Spin, sports for Sports Illustrated, and pop culture for Vulture and the AV Club.