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Quote Of The Week: Don't Change Who You Are

Stick to who you are and what you do best, instead of worrying about one-upping the competition.

Quote Of The Week: Don't Change Who You Are

Every Monday, tune in to Fast Company Leadership for a quote to get your week started right.

From "The Simple Secrets That Make People Fascinating," comes this gem from Sally Hogshead, CEO of Fascinate, Inc.:

"To be successful, you don’t have to change who you are; you have to become more of who you are."

Design by Robbie Jones for Fast Company

She's referring to having a personal or brand identity that resonates; a story that sets you apart from the rest. "Once you identify what makes you different, concentrate on it," Hogshead says. Instead of focusing on your strengths and one-upping the competition, find what makes you unique and focus on standing out from the crowd.