#FastFoam: Your Latte Art, By Request

In order to celebrate the culmination of a full week of coffee on, we have a special treat: starting at 9 a.m., foam artist Michael Breach, featured in the video below, will be on hand to take requests for foam art!

How does it work? Very simple

1. Think of something amazing that you want in your coffee. Maybe a celebrity, maybe your pet. Maybe this guy.

2. Put an image (or just an idea) in a tweet.

3. Hashtag that tweet #fastfoam.

4. Wait a little while.

5. If your idea is selected, we will tweet back your signature foam latte art!

Feel free to submit ideas early and often, as Breach will be hanging out at Fast Company HQ all day. And watch this space: You’d be amazed what can happen with a little foam and a dream.