Boosting Willpower, Coffee Alternatives, And More: The Most Popular Leadership Stories This Week

This week we battled with our brains and willpower while giving up on work-life balance.

Sometimes it seems like much of work life is spent trying to find a balance that is always just out of reach: coming up with great ideas, and having the willpower to follow through, staying both productive and healthy, networking without being annoying.


While we can’t solve all of you problems, we explored ways to bring a little more balance into your work life this week.

Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of August 18.

Coffee Alternatives That Are Better For Productivity
We kicked off Coffee Week with a few suggestions for those times when another cup of caffeine is just going to make matters worse. A nap and some chocolate? Yes, please.

6 Ways Your Brain Tries To Kill Your Ideas And How To Fight Them
You are too busy, you are worried that you aren’t good enough, you got distracted. These common excuses for stalled creativity probably hit close to home, but at their core, they’re pretty weak. Here’s how to overcome them.

Why Work-Life Balance Is A Load Of Crap
“Your life will always be bigger than your work–so trying to balance them is a recipe for failure,” writes Jonathan Raymond, chief brand officer for business coaching company E-Myth. So drop the quest to “Have it All” and try these three alternative ways to deal with the madness.

5 Quick Tricks To Boost Your Willpower We are on a constant quest to get as much done as possible, and while your willpower isn’t unlimited it is possible to boost your mental strength and fortitude with a few simple changes to your routine.


7 Non-Sketchy Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Contacts You know that guy: the one who you met one time who will not stop with the random emails and friend requests. Don’t be that guy. Here’s how to keep in touch with new contacts without becoming a stalker.