Some Hero Made The Entire “Simpsons” Town of Springfield Out Of Lego

Some people are never satisfied with what they are given. These people are called: innovators. Take Matt De Lanoy, for example. When Lego issued a house modeled after the Simpsons’ residence earlier this year, he wanted more than Lego was offering. Whereas some would have suppressed this desire and remained grateful to have even got a Simpsons house at all, De Lanoy did something about it. He made his own Lego recreation of the entire town of Springfield, and for that he is a greater hero than Jebidiah Springfield.

Springfield is more than a mere municipality, it’s a place the creators of The Simpsons use to poke fun at all of America and the world beyond. Because of Springfield’s sheer enormity, and the outsize personalities who populate it, De Lanoy was not able to include anywhere near all of the town’s features. But he did manage to cram in much more than just the basics, and the way it comes together is pretty amazing.

Power Plant Building Time Lapse

Beyond the house Homer calls home, this Springfield in miniature also contains Mr. Burns’ nuclear power plant, Moe’s Tavern, Mayor Quimby’s City Hall, Apu’s Kwik-E-Mart, and Krusty the Clown’s Krusty Burger. There’s even a replica of the comic book shop where Comic Book Guy works, the aptly named Android’s Dungeon. Also, in a cute touch, the world of The Simpsons now has its own version of Lego called Blocko, and De Lanoy made sure to put in a Blocko store. As the show begins its marathon on FXX, it’s nice to remember that there’s always a bigger fan of the show than you.

Watch a video about how it came together below.

h/t to Incredible Things